What if... you could lose those stubborn extra pounds...


What if… you were actually “fit”...


What if… you could still go out with your friends and maintain your physique...


...without the restrictive low-calorie starvation diets or spending hours on the treadmill at the gym?

Here’s how most women try to hit their body goals:


  • They try the latest fad diet (who hasn’t gone keto??)

  • But it’s so restrictive and complicated that they inevitably fall face first into a box of donuts.

  • Or they hit the gym, thinking the solution is just more hours on the treadmill.

  • When that doesn’t work, they punish themselves for “not being dedicated enough” or start to think something is wrong with them and fall deeper into a self-sabotaging cycle .

  • Compound that with all the stress from work, and overwhelm takes over.


Eventually, these women give up. I don’t blame them! Feeling stuck and helpless sucks.  


But it DOES NOT have to be this way!

I've got you, babe.


I know exactly how challenging it can be to work a stressful full-time job and try to make time for your health. That was me for years.


A few years ago, I was 15 lbs heavier, working 40+ hours a week and feeling like I just didn’t have the time to get in shape. Slowly, I started making it a priority to push myself to get into the gym, and after some trial and error, I started seeing results. 


I also knew that eating healthy was a big piece of the puzzle, but making lunch every morning and dinner every night was a big time and energy suck. Over the years, I learned some tips and tricks to make this important part much more manageable during the week. 


So, I put together a program to teach my signature methodology that has allowed me to maintain my physique with ease.

Working Women's Fit Formula is my signature 12-week fitness and nutrition program for busy working women. 

I have found that my program works best for these two groups of people:

Busy working women looking to get in fit in a sustainable way.



Stressed women who have tried and failed on the low-cal diets or spent hours in the gym without much result.

Right about now, you might be thinking - yeah, but what makes this program different from any other program I've tried and not seen success with?
  • I’ll give you proven systems & structure to accomplish your goals every single week.

  • ​I support you with biweekly calls, as well as unlimited daily support during the week.

  • I won’t make you weigh out all your food or do hours on the treadmill.

  • ​I believe in the minimum effective dose - everything I recommend is optimally effective and designed with your busy schedule in mind.

  • Plans are designed according specifically to you and your body type - not a one size fits all. 

When you sign up to work with me, we’ll develop a customized plan to move you through the following steps:


STEP 1: Your Current Reality

In Week 1, we identify behaviors that are currently preventing you from reaching your health goals and get a pulse on what your current reality is so we can create a clear path to success. 

STEP 2: Nutrition Basics and Meal Prepping

You’ll learn the basics of nutrition and an easy method of tracking your calories (no food scales, here!) We’ll also calculate your caloric goals and teach you how to plan and meal prep. 

STEP 3: Your Training Plan

You’ll learn the reasons behind the workouts and receive an exercise plan, complete with videos illustrating each exercise, and workouts are always at your fingertips with an easy-to-use free app. 

STEP 4: Creating a Lifestyle of Healthy Habits

You'll learn how to create new healthier habits you can easily carry on long after this program has ended. 

Working Women’s Fit Formula is a 12-week, one-on-one coaching program designed to help you get fit with minimal time investment for your busy schedule.


   You will receive:

  • Personalized recommendations based on your body type

  • Workouts delivered via an app with video demonstrations

  • Nutrition and meal prep education 

  • Once monthly one-on-one coaching calls

  • Unlimited support via messaging

Fit Girl Standing on Roof
When we work together, we're going to create a tailored-to-you and time-efficient plan to get you in amazing shape without weighing out all your food or spending an hour every day in the gym.


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$565/month, billed monthly for 3 months

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